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Let it go, so you can let it flow.

Happy January Sassy Nation! A new year usually brings in new goals, new perspective and new energy, I’m the exact same way. In many ways a new year can feel like a clean slate and for me I’ve decided to get laser focused on my health and wellness. At the beginning of the year I was scheduled for surgery to have my turbinates reduced, they are sorta like the air filters in your nose. Well mine are like 5 times the size they are supposed to be.. Girl yea, for years I’ve dealt with chronic sinus infections, increased mucus production and a runnier nose than my 6 year olds. 

And it hit me like a ton of bricks, this is actually within my control… Whenever you face an issue, identify the source, not the symptoms. My source was inflammation and I knew exactly what to do about it.

So I called off the surgery and cleant out my fridge and headed to whole foods to completely make over my relationship with food. Specifically, dairy, poultry, red meat, fried foods and salt. The Lord is still working on me with sugar & seafood, lol. And I’m okay with that. 

But the thing is I have always literally felt congestion rise up after eating these things for years and always wrote it off as ‘my normal’. It doesn't have to be.

I decided to enrich my eating with a more plant based lifestyle and I have been having SO MUCH FUN! But these results in just 15 days have been transformative and cannot be ignored. I still get drainage but it is peanuts compared to the way that I ended 2021 and I’m less than 30 days in! I get giddy about listening to my body and getting quiet enough after I eat to understand what it is saying to me, that’s how I know what to put in it. I let it guide me. So listen to your inners, create pockets of quiet space where you can get the clarity your body is offering you and watch it pay off in dividends. I’ll keep you posted on my journey!


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