'Makemba' Bracelet

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Boasting hand strung, vibrant lava beads with a substantial look and feel, 'Makemba' steals the show without much effort at all. Flaunting 6 layers of luxurious stones, these beads are formed from igneous rock formed during volcanic eruptions and dipped in bold colors of paint for the ultimate wow factor.

'Makemba' is absolutely breathtaking and designed to be comfortable to wear, with porous holes and bubbles in each stone for an added pop of personality. Try dipping a few beads in your favorite oil for a long lasting captivating scent.


  • 3''1/2(L) 3''1/2(W)
  • Elastic Stretch
  • Silver Hardware
  • Item is lightweight
  • Lava Beads
  • Multi Colored (Bead color may vary in placement. Each bracelet is uniquely hand  strung.)

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