'Toni' 3D Mink Lashes (Beginner Level)

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For the subtle professional who wants to experience length that synonymous with individual lash extensions. Score that same length but forget the upkeep with our lightweight 'Toni' multi dimensional lashes.

Featuring feathery strands of mink, these tapered beauties are more dense at the base and thin out toward the ends for the most natural yet flirty feel.

We know you're busy, hence a clear malleable band that's super easy to apply! The 'Toni' lashes features a slight cat-eye that you'll fall involve with time and time again.

Tested up to 35 wears included swimming and working out.

Genuine mink, 3D, clear band, feathery/tapered. Glue required.

  • Directions: Grab the lash with your 'Sassy Jones' applicator, apply glue to your lash, allow to dry for 30 seconds, and apply false lash directly to the base of your natural eyelashes. Hold in place for 10 seconds to allow for drying. Start with center, outer corner, then inner corner.
  • Item is lightweight


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