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The Dina Bedrock Collection

Inspired by the sun's rise and its setting over the Grand Canyon, this collection is sure to take your breath away.

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Dina Long Chain - Bedrock


Dina Collar Chain - Bedrock


Dina Double Studs - Bedrock


Dina Stretch Bracelet - Bedrock


Layer On The Luxe With This Rich & Vibrant Look.

Dina Bedrock Chains

Rock them on their own or as a pair, let the light weight ‘Dina’ chains take your outfit over the top. *Sold Separately

Dina Double Studs - Bedrock

Pop the collar of your denim button up and throw on these lightweight statement makers that can be worn 3 ways.

Dina Bracelet - Bedrock

The stunning gold bead cap spacers add a luxe layer to the sunset hued beads. Curvy girl, friendly and stretchy, you’ll reach for this must have daily.



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