Confidence 2021 Monthly Planner w/ Manifestation Planning Goal Stickers

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Planner Calendar: Jan. 2021 - Dec. 2021 

Here at Sassy Jones, we believe in writing the vision and making it plain. The 'Confidence Planner' allows you not only to manifest your dreams, goals, and plans each month but also provides a place to track your progress and reflect on seasons past and seasons to come. The 'Confidence Planner' comes fully equipped with everything a Sassy girl needs to live a beautiful, organized, well-planned life.

Sis, there is a power in the planner; beginning each month with dedicated space to manifest and dream and concluding each month with dedicated space to reflect and celebrate.

The 'Confidence Planner' includes 15 pages of affirmation stickers; monthly, weekly, and daily spaces to plan, free space to take notes, and more. This planner was created as a personal space and place just for YOU!

Dimensions : 7.5" X 9.4"

Hardcover, spiral-bound book | 
Pink Satin bookmark ribbon
157g offset writing paper

108 sheets ( 12 Divider Tabs)

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