Dear Sassy Nation, 

It’s me, Charis, your girlfriend, trusted designer and leader of Sassy Jones. It’s been a while since I’ve wrote one of these love letters to you, and I just want to catch you up on all things Charis, because I’ve not been as present as I once was.

I want to warn you about how raw this letter is, so if you are here for the happy go lucky blonde, go on ahead and press delete now. But if you’re all in with me, keep reading.

Truth is, chile I've been tired. Exhausted is definitely the proper term. Exhausted from achieving, exhausted from therapy, exhausted from trying to fix everything, everyone and most importantly, myself. But F*ck it… I’m no longer participating.

As I’ve crossed 40 years old, there’s been a relentless, ‘As Is’ clause in my life meaning I’ve increased my capability & capacity to accept and see things as they actually are without fantasizing what I’d like them to be or overstepping my personal boundary to rescue everything.

Expending resources to repair broken relationships with family, managing my personal responsibilities and building an empire has been alot. ALOT. So I fired myself as chief people pleaser. And yea babe, I love it here 😂

Let me know if you can relate

I want to reach out to you differently. Not to inspire you to get out of what you may be feeling or encourage you to rise higher today or give you a life changing word that will make it all better.

Right now, I’d rather simply affirm and acknowledge you right where you are. You may be tired, taking care of the world, carrying folks on your shoulders and trying to find the strength to remain standing yourself. 

I just want you to know, I get you.

So how do we continue to build our lives when you may be energetically exhausted? 

Like, how do we manufacture the effort required to sustain when it feels like our bottom fell out underneath us? 

The answer is simple: Energy Budgeting. 

It’s the simple act of investing your energy where you will receive a return and improving on identifying the things that zap you dry without fail. Start to subtract them one by one. Whether it be work, love, relationships, any & everything. Because life ain’t 1 sided.

So if you’re feeling like you are energetically bankrupt, it’s probably because your focus is probably directed toward activities, people and things that are withdrawing from your energetic bank account with little or no repayment. Some of us are even energetically overdrawn. That’s exactly where I’ve been.

So when I took a look at my own life, I literally made a list of the things that led to energetic bankruptcy and left me feeling depleted like a parasite host. And one by one, I started to turn the volume down on those relationships, things and people in my life.

That requires a significant amount of bravery and absolute immediate deployment of that ‘As Is’ clause that we chatted about earlier in this love letter. And since then, everything has been changing for the better and gotten super light. I also thought about all the things that I do that actually manufacture & create energy for myself; meticulously prioritizing the relationships & interactions that literally give me life. 

One of those things that sets my soul on fire is actually talking with you, open floor moments like this and your truthful responses have always kindled my flame. 

We just get one another, us sassy unicorns.

Energy Budgeting

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I get it, Charisse. It wasn’t until I took an abrupt yet bold charge in my life that things changed expeditiously. New interests, new people, new focus! Living myself MORE with like-minded Queens.
See you in the sunset soon✅

Eileen Scott

Energy Budgeting is important with every year God blesses me with a new chapter. Age like wine only get better. Age backwards.

Roz Simms

Charis, I can relate and feel you! It is never easy but an accomplished individual can and will make iIT happen, by hook or crook! Lord, I sound like my mama! Keep your positivity at the forefront and if you step on some toes and catch enemy vibes, so be it! Trust in God, keep your faith and family to the forefront and press on! Nobody realizes how hard it is to please everyone. Stop trying, ask for His mercies! You can doALL things through Christ!

Whew child, thanks for sharing your thoughts because I saw you as a machine, running things! You are human and allowed to feel what you feel. We all go through it, I appreciate all that you are, but praise thyself, 2br! Love ya!

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