I got convicted and called out by God on Sunday. Have you ever been awakened in the wee hours of the morning with very strong revelations? I do allll the time, especially recently since I’ve moved. It’s as if I am in position to receive with even more clarity, because the ‘downloads’ are coming on fast and strong. 

Here’s what God said to me: 

“You don’t ask me for big enough things.” 😳

And that thing struck me, so much so that I had to get out of my bed and go outside. So in the dawn of the morning, I’m outside thinking about what I’d just received. Immediately my rationality kicked and with self justifying thoughts like: 

-Of course I ask for big things, I wouldn't have ended up here! (God said “Nah Bigger.”)

-I pray and spend time God and ask for things every day (God said “Think Bigger.”) 

-I’ve been a pretty big dreamer already (God said “Go Bigger.”) 

And then it smacked me like a ton of bricks. My prayers are for everyone else, for my family, for my children, for my business and edifying God with what I will do for him, but very seldomly are my prayers containing HUGE asks for me personally, completely unrelated to anything outside of only me. Yea, really. 

So I dreamed as BIG as I could, I prayed so loud outside I probably woke up the neighbors and followed up with writing my asks down in my Queen Journal. God won’t ever have to worry about me playing it small, even when I think I’m playing it BIG already. It was a reminder that we all have our next level. Next level in purpose, in our dreams and in our desires. What a blessing is that?!

However here’s the thing: 

You will be called, but will you answer? Will you agree to go higher just when you thought you could rest on your current peak for a while? 

Not to mention the distractions around you that will have you believing you’ve peaked. It could possible take the form of:

-Colleagues telling you that you do the most, so you might think why should I do even more?

-Family thinking you are crazy because you’ve already shattered every glass ceiling they’ve ever imagined in their lifetimes. 

-Or maybe personal guilt from survivor's remorse; growing up and out of your old circumstances that others may not have had the pleasure of doing. 

Nah, you get to keep growing and glowing…

I wanted to share that with you because there is a tendency to play it small in our own lives, so that we won’t overstep our courtesy boundary with others or make them feel uncomfortable. 

But today: Give yourself permission to go BIGGER. Take up MORE space, learn MORE things and change MORE lives. 

So here is your reminder to play it big, take your risks, work your smartest and love your boldest. We only get one chance at this thing called life, we gotta do it big. 

Put it in writing, tell me below in the comments about your feelings about what I’ve shared and how it applies or may not apply to your life. I’ll be actively reading so I cannot wait to hear from you!!


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You gonna answer or not?

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Yukita Manuel

This right here popped me hard on my hand. Im stuck in fear and not moving on my assignment scared Im gone lose my job before I get my assignment off the ground. Yes the distractions come and they throw me off balance and before I realize it Ive gone off the deep end instead of being quiet. This is my wake up call for sure.

Valerie Wade

I can relate 100%. It’s a constant struggle to focus asks for myself…but I appreciate your motivation😊

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