Whitley Collection – Sassy Jones
Whitley Collection - Sassy Jones

Whitley Collection

A breathtaking moment of smoky quartz gemstones and dreamy crystals blended together for a magical feel. Our Whitley collection is an elegant work of art, showcasing elephants with trunks  & sparkling pendants. This pristine collection is a lavish display of opulence and grace.

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Whitley Heirloom Necklace


Whitley Earrings


Whitley Heirloom Dangles


Resilient Luxe Creme Lipstick


Whitley Crystal Bangle Stack (Sizes Available)


Whitley Elephant Hinge Cuff (Sizes Available)


Whitley Oversized Scarf


Star Gazer Oversized Scarf


Whitley Crystal Clutch