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The Sassy Life

How I Found My Calling

I’ve always said that one of the easiest ways to identify your calling is by identifying your purposeful bliss. Here’s how you know you are operating in your calling:

1) When you approach something that you love, you love it so much you would do it for free or no recognition at all. 

2) Your energy investments return great dividends, meaning that energetic input far surpasses greater benefit in your life than any other activity. You reap great benefits energetically.

3) When you do this thing, everything else doesn't matter. You are locked into your zone or state of flow.. 

Have you ever felt like that? Maybe when you were braiding hair or giving financial advice or maybe even styling someone. Yep, that serendipitous feeling is what I call purposeful bliss or, your calling.

As you know, I was pushed into my purpose via termination. I could never keep a job, I’d always hop from one to the next or get fired for doing things my way. I got sick of not being able to find my ‘place’ in life so I created it. I knew that I wanted to challenge women to push their barriers, to see themselves in new ways and offer them the freedom to express who they authentically are. The reason is because I too was craving that. I chose style as my conduit.

I thought to myself, what if there is a place where women were celebrated for their uniqueness, bold colors and out of the box style choices. So I took it one step further, what if I created that space? And that is when the lightbulb went off for me. 

Now the actual creation of Sassy Jones, was not for the faint of heart however I felt such a freedom when I worked on it which became my catalyst to keep going. But you’ll have to try, fail, tinker, imagine, build and stretch and ultimately, your calling calls you. 

Happy Exploring :)


Charis Jones

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