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Sassy Elite

Welcome To Sassy Elite VIP Tier

Sassy Elite members are a part of Sassy Jones Secret Society.

This group of special members obtained the status through spend level with Sassy Jones. Sassy Elites receive special perks that will not be offered to other members. Here is the premium welcome package for all Sassy Elite members.

  • Special Sassy Elite template for the profile picture.
  • One-on-one gatherings with Charis Jones during Sassy Jones in-person events after October 2021.
  • Earn 3 points for every $1 spent in the rewards program.
  • 20% off new arrivals in the vault.
  • 20% off approved Affiliate sales.
  • $50 Sassy Jones gift card for Birthday.
  • Exclusive signature Sassy Elite scarf.

We hope you are as excited about being a Sassy Elite member. This is a very special time at Sassy Jones and what a way to have even more fun with the brand. Again, this is an exclusive group within SJSS and benefits cannot be shared with anyone outside of the Sassy Elite group.


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