Where does the busy woman who does it all and makes it look easy, go to find the accessories that make her feel incredible? Where does she go to feel seen as the queen that she is, even after she’s taken her superwoman cape off?
That’s what was on my mind when I started Sassy Jones in 2013, along with my minivan and my dining room table. I’ve always had an affection for beautiful jewelry and accessories that allowed me to express myself in a meaningful way. It felt crazy at the time but I knew Sassy Jones was my opportunity to share that affection with other women, while also giving them a boost in their self-confidence. 
Trying to breathe life into this business as a wife and mom to twin baby boys was beyond exhausting. But we can do hard things and the perseverance of the early days flourished into a beloved accessory powerhouse serving women confidence through style all across the globe.
Welcome to Sassy Jones and thank you so very much for trusting us with a small bit of your happiness. I hope whenever you adorn yourself in anything from our collection, you feel special and celebrated - because you are.


Self taught owner and designer, Charis Jones became increasingly frustrated that she couldn't find accessories that reflected the women she served. Everything was overwhelmingly basic and it all looked alike. With the belief that the women we serve are totally born to stand out and shine, Sassy Jones is undeniably rooted in designing bold, bright and cheery pieces with superior quality and materials. Charis takes pride in every detail, whether it be a hand painted stroke on a ceramic bead of a bib, the stitching of a handbag or the meticulous nature of placing stones individually. Sassy Jones designs are exclusive and full of personality, just like you so you won't find them anywhere else.
Our designs have caught the attention of retailers like Macy's and HSN, which we'll make our sensational TV debut in Fall of 2020. Most recently, we were accepted into into the prestigious Tory Burch Fellowship Class of 2020 and honored as a recipient of an Entrepreneur Magazine's Top Company of the year award, E360.