'Miss Youniverse'

Allow me to reintroduce ‘Miss Youniverse' now in black. Inspired by the sun, moon and stars and your confidence and boldness, while holding your world together admirably. We wanted to recognize the many jewels on your crown, all while loving those around you selflessly and looking good while doing it. This necklace is a keepsake that’s symbolic of the wondrous creation you are, here’s a sparkling reminder.

The ‘Miss Youniverse’ oversized star studs are nothing short of immaculate. Embedded with crystals as a reminder of your audacious sparkle and the wondrous creation that you are. These oversized studs will pair perfectly with you radiating aura.

Please welcome ‘Miss Youniverse' now in black. This immaculate bracelet is inspired by the wondrous creation that you are. Featuring a chain of crystals, pendants, and black links beautifully twisted together. Pair with her matching necklace and studs to complete the look.

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