Secret Society

You know when that piece SOLD OUT that you absolutely LOVED? Chances are the Secret Society got to it first, before it even launched on the site. The Sassy Jones Secret Society is an invitation only, exclusive community of high level customers who define what the Sassy Jones brand is all about. And they get all the goods.

-Gain entry into our Sassy Jones Affiliate program, earning 10% cash for every customer they refer. 
-Earn 2 points per $1 spent, once the $1250 spending threshold is met.
-First dibs on sales + promotions
-Access to exclusive products that mainstream customers will never see.
-First look at new arrivals 
-Helps make decisions for the rest of the customer base
-Sisterhood, engagement & community. Our FUN is by far the biggest benefit of all. 

-Register for rewards and start earning 1 point per $1 spent, it's FREE! Click here to register.
-Earn 1,250 points! (Effective 1/22/2019)
-Once you've redeemed 1,250 points for entry, you'll receive an exclusive private invitation to join our sisterhood. 
-Once you are in, we'll personally introduce you to the rest of the society with open arms. 
-Let the good life begin. See you in the society!