'Carmen' Croc Zippered Tote - Tan Bundle

Will all the grown a$$ women please stand up? 'Carmen' was designed impeccably for you dear, featuring dreamy crocodile leather with a splash eclectic print on the straps. But of course, the button on straps are not only adjustable but interchangeable with the other straps in the 'Carmen' collection. Even when it comes down to the suede interior lining, girl we've thought of everything but most importantly, you.


  • Croc tan 100% leather
  • Double inside pockets
  • Zipper top
  • Strap are adjustable and interchangeable with other Carmen straps
  • Silver hardware
  • 5 feet on base
  • Dimension: 12.79" (L) | 5.11" (W) | 12.59" (H)

 Purse1 Purse2 Purse3 Purse4 Purse5 

Additional Strap Options:

Purse6 Purse7 Purse8Purse8 Purse10