'Malia' Glass Stack - Tangerine

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  • When you walk in the room, it's nothing new. Everyone knows you and Sassy Jones bring all the life to the party. The 'Malia' glass stack is your new unrelenting BFF. And she stretches for comfort, thank us later.
  • Focus on the glass beading, faceted to radiate light gorgeously and coated with an aurora borealis sheen for an iridescent finish. The oversized beads are just for that added bit of extra-ness. We know you like it like that.
  • Set of 6 genuine glass beads, individually handmade, coated for iridescence, double cotton wrapped elastic.
  • Medium weight, diameter 3" un-stretched | Includes Velvet Bag
  • 5''(L) 5(W)

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