'Reagan' Genuine Hematite Reversible Chain

Regular price $83.99

Crafted of genuine hematite, know to boost survivability and self esteem, the 'Reagan' chain is more than what meets the eye. Designed from the feminine inspiration of the moon, this brass pendant snaps into place and can be worn on the side, back or front of the necklace. Crafted with our keepsake quality standard, your styling options are as abundant as you are. Strut on sis with your bad self.

  • Snap Buckle Brass Crescent closure
  • Genuine Hematite strands
  • Gunmetal color
  • Crystals
  • 8 strands
  • Magnetic Closure
  • Medium-heavy weight
  • Safe for Sensitive Skin
  • Cir. 18 in" | Dia. 8.5 in" | L: 20 in" | Drop Clasp L: 2in"  | W: 2.4 in"

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